Privacy policy

1 .General

This policy regarding personal integrity ("Privacy policy") describes how ZandGroup AB org. nr 556699-7010, e-mail:, collects, uses, shares and store your personal information
1.1 This Privacy policy will effect the management of personal information regarding purchasing, support and other interactions with  Zandgroup AB
1.2 You should always feel safe when you give us your personal information. With this policy we want to declare how we comply with the current GDPR laws 

2. Responsibility for personal information.

Zandgroup AB is responsible for the management of your personal data. We are responsible to apply current Data protection laws

3. When do we collect and process your personal information?

3.1 When you visit our website, purchase our products or contact us for information or service, we may collect personal information about you, as described below below:
3.2 Zandgroup AB collects and processes personal information when you visit the Zandgroups website, making a purchase on Zandgroups websites or using Zandgroups support. The information collected from you when you make a purchase is required to provide you with the support of your product and offerings.

4. Storage of your personal information

4.1 Your personal information is stored in a local databases and  in ERP systems for invoices and bookkeeping
4.2 The information is stored on servers within the EU and is protected by GDPR
4.3 We are responsible for the information stored in our systems

5. What kind of personal information do we collect and store

5.1 For you as customer to Zandgroup

The personal information Zandgroup collects and stores regarding you as a customer are as follow

Email address
Phone number
Payment details
Customer number
IP-address and information about the usage of our webpage
Information about your purchase

6. Sharing personal information

6.1 If necessary to fulfill your contractual purchase we need to share your personal information to third party. E.g. Freight forwarder, payment gateways and external support tools.
6.2 ZandGroup may disclose your information to third parties to partners as providers of card or payment solutions.
6.3 We will not sell your personal information to third parties
6.4 However, our subcontractors may not use data about you for any purpose other than providing the service and the use shall always be subject to the terms and conditions we specify.

7. The protection of your personal data

You should always be able to feel confident when you submit your personal information to us. ZandGroup has therefore taken the security measures needed to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, change and deletion. For example, all information about customers as well as Customer is stored in a database that is protected by permission management and firewall.

8. How do we collect and processes personal information?

To be able to offer you our services we collect, stores and processes personal data in the following situations

8.1 To fulfill our contractual obligations
By law we need to keep our bookkeeping and to collect, process and send your orders and we need to collect, process and store the following information

Email address
Phone number
Payment details
Order details

8.2 To contact you
Email address
Phone nr

8.3 For support and warranty claims
Email address
Phone number
Payment details
Order details

9. Deletion of personal data

9.1 We only store personal information as long as it meets the purpose required to provide support to you as a Customer or required by law.

9.2 We delete your information when we do not need them anymore. The information will be deleted at the latest when the limitation period is over for our responsibility for work performed, which is currently seven years (according to the Bookkeeping Act).

9.3 The Data Protection Ordinance gives you a range of rights to us who treat your personal data. To invoke these rights, contact us via one of our contact routes. We always strive to have accurate information and, therefore, correct, complete, delete or unidentify personal information when needed. If you think any information is incorrect or misleading, please contact us immediately. If you believe that we have in some way processed your personal information incorrectly, you may submit a notification to the supervisory authority that is the Data Inspectorate. Their contact details are listed below under the heading Supervisory Authority.

9.4 You are entitled to receive information on personal information about you as we deal with at no cost once a year. In the extract you will see what types of personal data about you as we treat, the purposes of the treatment, if we share the personal data with someone else and if so who, what source the data has if you have not submitted them directly to us and how long we intend to save Your information. Keep in mind that a request for registry extracts must be in writing and signed.

9.5 If you believe that we have inaccurate or misleading personal information about you, please ask us to have them corrected or to have them supplemented with personal information relevant to the treatment. When we make such a correction, we also notify the companies we have shared your personal information with.

9.6 Under certain circumstances, you may request the removal of personal data we store, for example, if they are no longer required for the purpose for which they were collected. However, personal data that we need for us to fulfill an agreement with you as a customer or supplier or in order to comply with legal requirements can not be deleted. When we delete personal information, we also notify other companies that have been informed of us to be deleted. 

10. What are cookies and how do we use it?

10.1 Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a website requests to save on the visitor's computer. Cookies are used on many websites to allow a visitor access to various features. The information in the cookie can also be used to track a user's browsing of websites using the same cookie.

There are two types of cookies. One type saves a file for a long time on the visitor's computer, then the cookie has an expiration date. For example, it uses features that talk about what's new since the user last visited the current site last time. When the expiration date is passed, the cookie is deleted when the user returns to the site that created it.

The other type of cookies is called session cookies and lacks expiration date. While a user is browsing and browsing a page, this cookie is stored temporarily in the user's computer's memory, for example, to keep track of which language it has chosen. Session cookies are not stored on the user's computer for a long time, but disappear when the user closes their browser. What kind of cookies do we use? We use Google Analytics on our site. Google Analytics is a web-based analysis tool provided by Google Inc. The information created by these cookies through your use of the site (including your IP address) will be forwarded to and stored by Google on servers. This information is used to evaluate visitor statistics. We use this data to improve the content of our site. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if required by law or in cases where a third party processes the information on behalf of Google. Google will not match IP addresses with other data held by Google. We also use cookies (session cookies) in our webshop to keep track of what you have put in your customer basket. This type of cookies disappears when you close your browser.

10.2 If you do not want to accept storage of cookies

If you do not want cookies stored on your computer, you can also turn off that feature in your browser's settings. Then no cookies will be stored, but you will also not be able to use certain features on the site. By using this site, you consent to our use of cookies as well as the collection and use of information we receive through your use of the site.

11. Supervisory Authority

To contact the Data Inspectorate, you can use the following contact information:

Phone: 08-657 61 00
Postal Address: Datainspektionen, Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm